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Spencer Williams' Web Page dedicated to the anime show Bleach!!!

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//Spencer Williams 9/26
var userName = "";

userName = prompt("Excuse me,could you please tell me your name?");
alert ("I shall delve deep into your mind,to know what you are thinking.");
alert ("Please pick a number between one and ten.");
alert ("Now,subtract five from that number.");
alert ("Now, muliply it by three.");
alert ("Please, square that number(multiply it by two), "+userName);
alert ("Add the digits until you get a single digit.");
alert ("If the number is smaller than five,add five,if not subtract four.");
alert ("If you would please multiply it by two, "+userName+".");
alert ("Please subtract six.");
alert ("Now take the number that you have now and switch it with a letter(a=1,b=2,c=3).");
alert ("Pick the name of a state that begins with that letter.");
alert ("Pay attention very carefully.Use the second letter of the state and think of an animal that begins with that letter.");
alert ("Okay,now think of the color of that animal.");
alert ("Okay, " +userName+ " I think that I have got it.Click for the results.");
alert ("There are not many grey elephants in Delaware. Yeah that's right I'm psychic. You got a problem with that");

document.write("<center><img src=../../images/elephant.jpg><br>");